Monday, March 19, 2012

One Hat, Four Looks

Last round of Iron Craft was about making something all of mostly from the Dollar Store.
I made and submitted the After Bath Wrap

But I didn't stop there.
I also dressed up a hat I got at the dollar store.

Some supplies were dollar store, many of the extras were not dollar store (which is why this was secondary to the bath wrap).

With some fabric, lace, buttons and velcro I turned a plain hat into a multi-look hat.

This would be really great for traveling since with just a little space you can have four different hats!

For one look I wrapped ribbon around the brim of the hat then made a fabric flower for where the ribbon crossed and used a button for the center of the flower.
This is made with one long strip of fabric and a straight stitch that is then gathered creating a circle.

For the second look I made a four petal fabric flower with a button center.
This flower is created by cutting out circles, folding them over and sewing the ends together.

Third look is lace bunched around in a circle with a red ribbon bow center.

Last look has sheer and satin ribbon into a large bow with a fake flower and pearl bead in the center.

The hat has a soft piece of velcro attached to the brim. Each decoration has a rough piece of velcro attached to the back of it.
The end result is easily removed decorations that wont destroy the hat or fall off easily. And the hat can look fun and beach ready or elegant and nice!


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