Monday, March 12, 2012

After Bath Wrap

This round of Iron Craft is all about the Dollar Store.
The goal was to make something using all or mostly things bought at the dollar store.
I've already made many crafts that fit that criteria that I could revisit, but of course as much as possible want to try something new.
I'm actually in the process of making a second craft that falls within those guidelines but this one was my main goal.

I decided to make an after bath wrap for babies/toddlers.

 When I went to the Dollar Tree I found they have micro-fiber cloths. I bought two that measured 16 inches by 19 inches. Other then that all you need is a wash cloth and some thread (both of which can also be found at dollar stores). Maybe a bit of felt if you want some decoration.

I started by cutting about 2 and 1/2 inches off the long side of both micro-fiber cloths.
 Then I matched the two edges I just created and sewed the two cloths together.

Next I sewed the two strips together at the short ends and matched the seams up with the seam of the two larger cloths.
I pinned the thin strips down to create ruffles and sewed them down.

For the hood I used a wash cloth and matched the center of it to the seam of the micro-fiber cloths and sewed across.

At the top of the wash cloth I sewed the ends together then pressed the excess down and sewed again so that they didn't stick out.

To add a little extra cute I hand sewed on a felt cut out of a bathtub, some bubbles and a rubber ducky.

The micro-fiber is extra soft so you can wrap up your baby in a soft towel to dry off with!

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  1. Great use for those cloths. They were such a steal & in great colors at our store too.


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