Thursday, June 16, 2005

June 12, 2005

For Brian and Tawnya Rogers

On this day you gave your heart
And opened the doors
For a brand new start
You're joined as one
What God has given
Let never be undone
You've pledged your love
As beautiful and new
As a snow white dove
In the morning dew.
My hope for you both is
When you're old and gray
May you still feel the love
You feel today.

I Want To Be

I want to be a teacher
I want to be a firefighter,
A policeman, and an ambulance driver.

I want to be a pilot
I want to be a doctor,
A nurse and a veterinarian.

I want to be an architect
I want to be an actor
A singer and an athlete.

I want to be a mechanic
I want to be a pastor,
A priest, and a rabbi.

I want to be ME

Saturday, June 04, 2005

How It Used To Be

Oct. 2000

I toss and turn
Thinking of you
Why? I wonder
Why can't you and I
Still be together?
You'll be married tomorrow
Tomorrow always held such promise
A promise of new kisses
Of renewed love
Of us...
I dream of you and I
Holding each other
No one else in the world
But I awaken to find
It's your wedding day
And your so happy
"Good Luck", I tell you
And as you walk away
To claim your bride
I think of what tomorrow
Holds in store for you
And your new wife
Happiness and love I'm sure
But for me just another dream
Of how it used to be...

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Oct. 2000

You looked into my eyes
And told me you loved me
I was certain we'd be
Together forever.

You swore
You still loved me
But you found someone knew.

You'll tell me
You will always love me
But your getting married.

I'll smile and hide
All my hurting
Because I will always
Love you.