Monday, March 05, 2012

No Sew Hat

I've done multiple posts about craft hope lately. 
And I'm not done! 

The current round of Craft Hope is hats and bags for kids battling cancer.
These are things I got!
The turn in for this round is approaching soon so I'm probably done creating and going to mail out what I've made but there is still a little time to create something to send.

I've shown you some hats that have little sewing but this one has -no- sewing.
You'll need to cut your fabric at least four inches longer then you need it to fit around the head you are making it for.
Also cut two to four inches taller then you need for normal fit.

Fold your fabric in half length wise.
Using either scissors or a rotary cutter to cut strips that are at least two inches long and about an inch thick. These strips should go up the side of your hat.

Now tie the strips together, closing the hat into a circle.

If you are making for a guy you may want the ends of the knots to be on the inside of your hat so that the fringe is not overly visible. But you can have them stick out whatever side you prefer.

Next gather the top up and tie with a piece of ribbon, yarn or strip of fabric.

The bottom of the hat can be rolled up to "finish" the look or make it fit better.

That's all!
A strip of fabric, some scissors and a piece of ribbon and you have a cute hat.

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