Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Decorating: Little Shelves

Most of the time shelves are pretty wide.
Intended for books, framed pictures, clocks, etc.
But what about the little stuff?
Like rubber duckies?

Don't forget the duckies!

Last year we repainted some rooms and redid the floors. This required the base boards to be ripped up. 
Some didn't survive too well.

So we cut off the messed up parts and painted them and prepared them to be shelves.

Home Depot has packages of little (one and a half to two inch) L brackets.
 We screwed the brackets onto what was the front of the base board then screwed the other side into the wall. This put the back of the base board facing up towards the ceiling.

Now add your little items. 
Since most little items are light there is not a lot of worry about being strong enough.

I have shelves in my bathroom to hold rubber ducks (need to add more).
A short shelf in the bathroom to hold stuff for guests taking a shower. Extra toothbrush, soaps, little lotions, etc.

I'm soon going to put up another one in my craft room to hold the baseball memorabilia we have and maybe some of my paintings.

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