Monday, April 18, 2005


March 2001 (EWW)

When we first met
I felt a connection
Like we shared a common bond.
We're different, you and I
Different from the rest of the world
Mabey we know to much
Mabey we know to little
No matter what, I do know
That we don't quite belong here
We haven't found our foot hold
With Gods help though
I'm sure we'll find where we belong
No matter where our lives take us
When you need a friend, need love
You can find everything
In my arms, and Gods.

(P.S. EWW.. I do hope wherever you are, your finding your place in this world...)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Till We Are One

Take me to a place
Where the roses bow
Gently in the wind.
Take me into your loving arms.
Hold and comfort me
Until the end.
Kiss away my tears.
Tell me everything
Of your dreams and fears.
Hold me till we are one.
Look into my eyes.
My love for you
Has just begun.

My Love

2002 (BKR)

Everyone always leaving
Not A true moment spent
Leaving A broken heart
Is this the way it's ment?
To be left and unloved,
Is this my forever part?
Then one day
The door opened again
And instead of someone
Going their separate way
You walked in.
You said you loved me,
I would not believe
You said you'd make me see
That this is how it was to be
Please leave I said
My heart feels left for dead
You said, My love for you remains true
I finally admited
I love you, too.