Monday, March 26, 2012

Peeps Pinata

This round of Iron Craft required the use of something Peeps.
Those over sugared squish balls that I'm told are edible.
(can you tell I'm not a fan of Peeps?!)

So my thought was destruction.

I created a pink bunny Peep pinata.

I mixed regular school glue and a little water then covered newspaper with the mixture.
The newspaper wrapped around two balloons I blew up.

I used two toilet paper rolls with the ends filled with a little newspaper and papered them and attached to the top of the smaller of the two balloons. This created the ears.

Once all was well covered and dry I used an exacto knife to cut off the tips of both balloons (where they blew up). 
After removing the balloon remains I used some tape to lightly attach the two openings together then put a couple layers of paper over that to create a solid sturdy neck.

After everything dried I used the exacto knife to cut a flap out of the back and pour candy into.
I used a little more tape and paper to secure the flap closed.

Next I spray painted the whole thing white, let that dry, then spray painted pink.

Last I cut tissue paper into strips and cut fringe into one side of the strips then painted a bit of glue onto the other side. I attached the strips starting at the bottom and going all the way up.

For the face I took a stencil paint brush (round and flat tip) and dipped it in brown paint then patted on the round eyes and half circle nose.

Now I can beat up a Peep! :)


  1. Will you fill it & have the kids beat it for Easter?

  2. I LOVE Peeps and I LOVE your pinata. What a cute idea. I found you via Linky Follower Blog Hop. Hope you'll hope on over and visit me.


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