Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Night Watch

May 2005

Lurking in the shadows
Hunting for prey
Her fear she never shows
Watching and waiting
The tigress sulks along
Breathlessly anticipating
She needs this hunt
Needs this thrill
It's a fire deep in her heart
It can't be ignored
Suddenly there's movement
She pounces and gives chase
But alas the chance is gone
Her prey is lost
She heads home with a yawn
She'll have to hunt another day.

Friday, May 06, 2005


October 2004

Leaves are changing
there's cold in the air
Animals are gathering food
The trees are growing bare
Hayrides down the street
Pumpkins on the porch
Hot chocolate tasting sweet
Long, cold walks
Walking hand in hand
Fireside talks
there's change throughout the land
Time to get out the winter gear
It's that time of year
I love this atmosphere
autumn is here!

Far Away

August 2001

You're so far away
but even through the miles
I think of you everyday

I miss your touch,
Holding your hand in mine
I want to hold you so much

We're so far apart I know
And time seems to go so slow.
At night it seems
you are here with me
Cuz you're in every one of my dreams

I could stay here
And do what my parents want me to
Or I could follow my heart
And my heart leads straight to you

as I look up at the moon
I know in my heart
we'll be together soon.