Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Splatter Paint Party

Certainly one of the most fun and hilarious parties I have organized.

A splatter paint party.
Me threatening my hubby

The whole goal of the party is to make a mess.
As kids we're told not to make a mess. As adults we don't want to make a mess because we know we'll have to clean it up.

This is outside and utilizes throw away stuff to protect surfaces and minimize clean up.
Must hold outside in an open area

Some of my friends and I got together and brought some acrylic paints and flung the paint everywhere.
Afterwards with paint everywhere!

I bought white poster board and cut them in half to create two large blank canvases out of one poster board.
 I put a cheap throw away table cloth over the table then taped the boards down to it.

To hold the paint I used paper cups and cut them down to small wells. I squeezed one full color into each cup.

We each wore junk clothes that we didn't mind getting painted. Also had goggles or shower caps for those that wanted them.
Dribbling paint over the canvases

To paint we simply dipped our fingers into the paint and went after our boards.
Once our boards were covered we went after each other! 
That was kind of more fun then painting our boards!
David and I doing the hand flailing "girl fight" while Tasha tries to get away
Paint fling!

Results of the fling. So, what does orange sound like?

As for food:
I got four different colors of cool-aid.
Literally the flavor was less important to me then the color.
I wanted everything to hold as much color as possible!
I served them in clear cups to show off the colors. 
Each pitcher had the flavor ripped from the package and taped to the side of the pitcher so it was each to know what you were getting into.
Had to keep bugs out of stuff

I also made multi-colored rice krispie treats.
Recipe in a future post

For a little more color I filled a bowl with M&M's.
M&M's are always a winner!
And multi-colored cupcakes with multi-colored frosting.
Recipe in a future post

Both the paint table and the food table had a dollar store table cloth that had balloons on it. 

And of course it's not a party without balloons and/or streamers.
I tied these loosely around the tree branches so that I could easily snip them off with scissors later.
Balloons and streamers, a party must have!

After throwing paint everywhere we all went inside and showered then ate the colorful junk food, then played a couple board games to wind back down while our paintings dried.
The master pieces. Tasha, Jared, David, Group colab and Clarence are the artists

My artwork

It was so much fun and something we all want to do again sometime.

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