Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Easy Cotton Beanie

There is still time to make hats and bags for the current craft hope project that benefits kids battling cancer.

This post is how to make a beanie really quick and easy.

I cut out a rectangle of fabric that measured twelve inches tall by eighteen and one half inches long.

I folded the bottom up twice and sewed straight across to make a brim.
Next I folded in half with pattern together and sewed up the side, leaving the top untouched.

I turned the fabric back right side out. I positioned the side seam to be in the back and accordion folded the top a couple inches down. 

I put a pin through the folds and prepared a needle for hand sewing.
I sewed straight through the folds multiple times to make it stay tight.

Last I used pinking shears to cut strips down from the top, careful not to cut where I sewed down the side.

This would also be great to do with fleece. 

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