Monday, February 27, 2012

Flower Canopy

I've been working on this off and on for a while now and am so happy to have it finished. And I think it looks awesome!

I have an old round chair that sits in the corner of my library/game room. I decided to make a flower canopy to go over/around the round chair, to create a beautiful "hideout" to curl up with a good book.

I started with a random fairly thin piece of wood. I believe it was a panel on a cheap desk.
I got my Hubby to cut out a circle/hoop for me.
I bought eight yards of tulle from Jo-Ann's and cut it into four pieces that are two yards long.
I folded one end over the hoop just enough to hand sew the tulle around the hoop.

Next I got Hubby to drill four holes around the hoop. He also drilled holes in a small wooden circle that would go up above the hoop.

Using Floral wire I attached the small circle above the hoop. This gives the flower the depth.

I used some paper and did a quick sketch of how I wanted my petals. Cut that out and used it to mark twelve petals in the blue fabric I had on hand that I decided to use for the flower. 

Once I cut out the twelve petals I sewed them to make six finished petals.

I used some green fabric to cut a long strip of fabric to sew to create a tube for the stem on the flower.
I also used pinking shears to cut a strip with leaves to go around the base of the petals.

I pinned the petal stems to the green loop and hand sewed them on. 

Next I hand sewed the leaf strip around the stem, over the base of the petals.

Last I used floral wire (though something thicker would be great) to attach to a hole in the center of the wooden circle and to a hook in the ceiling, and ran the wire through the stem.

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