Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Love Birds

I totally nabbed this idea from Kim over at A Girl And A Glue Gun.
Course she got the idea from Pinterest so count it as a circle of edited ideas that were stolen!
I love checking out AGAAGG (A Girl And A Glue Gun) blog because even if her crafts aren't something I want to do, she's still an amusing read.
In her post she is talking about making your own canvas. A good idea on it's own but the pretty bird painting stuck out to me most.

I started by painting plain black on my canvas where I thought the birds might end up. 
Then I cheated.
Yeah, my hand has a mind of it's own and will twitch and move as it pleases.
So I find a picture I liked of two birds on a wire and loosely traced it. I edited some things as I wanted, then cut it out.
Next I laid the cut out over my black painted area and grabbed a few of my blue paints and mixed them together but just loosely so that as I painted I created different shades across the sky.

Once I was happy with the blue sky I put just a touch of white on a piece of cotton and dabbed it around for clouds. The blue paint was still damp in spots plus I added a bit more blue to help the clouds look more "wispy".

As for the heart; see above, about the unruly hand. I wasn't even going to try to make a nice looking heart.
I used a heart shaped hole punch to make a heart from red card stock paper and glued it on.
The different shades in the blue and the wispy clouds, to me, give it a feeling of a windy day. But no matter the conditions love is all that matters.
(Yeah I know, sappy, but love is good. Try facing down someone who's angry and ready to fight, you'll be wishing for a little love!)

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