Monday, February 13, 2012

Teddy Bear Hat

Is your little one your teddy bear?
With a little sewing and some time you can create a cute hat to keep your little one warm and show how great of a teddy bear they are.
(or go the fast and easy way and buy one!)

For most little kids hats you will want between 18-20 inches around the brim. I planned about 19 inches then divided that by 4 to get how wide the base of the points should be.
I made the height of the main part of the hat about four inches tall and the side of a point is about five inches tall. 
I also cut out four half circles in the light brown fleece and two out of light pink felt.
I sewed the pink onto one of the ears then covered it with the other ear and sewed with right sides together. Then flipped right sides out.

Each side of the triangles will sew to the side next to it.

You will need to find the back of your hat and where your sides will be. Before you sew up the sides stick your ears in just enough to sew them down.

For the brim, fold in towards the inside and sew down. You may need to tweak some points here and there to work better for you.

There you go, a cute fleece hat to keep your little teddy bear warm and adorable!

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  1. That is a great tutorial on how to get the hat shape!


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