Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Candle Chandler

Just after Christmas I found some red votive holders on sale for half off.
Of course I snatched them up!
I wanted to hang a few some how and I came up with the idea of a chandler to hang over the table for romantic, low light dinners.

1 thin wooden circle
Some strips of fabric
Glass votive candle holders that flair at the top
Floral wire
I started by marking off where I wanted the candles to be. I measured around the circle and made them as even distanced apart as possible. 
I then borrowed Hubby's drill and drilled small holes to fit the hooks through.
Next I covered the wood with glue on both flat sides and wrapped with strips of red fabric.

Using floral wire I cut enough pieces to go around my six holders. I cut them about and inch or a little more longer then how big around the holder was.
I twisted the two ends together then used the excess to twist a loop on the other side.
This made places to attach longer pieces of floral wire to be the handle.
(for my holders the piece around was about 7 inches, the piece for the handle was about 10 inches)

Lastly, I cut three long pieces of floral wire and attached on every other hook and twisted them all together at the top. This created an even way to hang the chandler.
Hang and enjoy!
I am using fake battery operated candles so that there is less burn risk since they will be hard to reach to light and blow out if they were real.

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