Monday, February 06, 2012

Easy Fleece Hat

Continuing with making hats and bags for little kids who are suffering from cancer for Craft Hope.

This time I made a simple fleece hat for a little girl.
I started with a piece of pink fleece measuring about 8 inches tall by 19 inches long.
I folded it so that the "right" sides were together and sewed across the top and down the side.

Turn the square right side out and roll the unfinished edge up and sew to create a "brim".

Next I pinched the top corners and sewed across to make little points.
To add a little extra pretty, I sewed ribbon around the brim where I previously sewed it down. 
I also wrapped a short section of ribbon around the top points and tied twice.

For more flair I cut out a simple light pink flower from felt and a dark pink circle for the center and sewed it down.

So cute!
Ready to go to a little girl warrior battling cancer.

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