Saturday, January 07, 2012


Let's start with a confession:
A nice camera that matches my requirements and has good abilities, actually makes me drool...

There I said it. :)

I've long loved taking pictures. I even have the first picture I ever took.
I've leaned over cliff edges to get a good picture. I've killed a camera getting a picture (but the shot was great). And it's rare to catch me without my camera somewhere not far away.
About 7 years ago I started doing photography professionally. I've mostly shot weddings, but also newborns and kids, couples and families, from birthdays to bands. If a camera is needed I will happily be there. It's exhausting work (especially weddings) and pay is far between but it's what I love.

Extra love goes to my hubby for always keeping me supplied with hard drive space for the mass amounts of pictures I take. I know to some that seems small but when you consider that I average around 100 pictures an hour at a wedding, and most weddings last 3-4 hours. And that he usually keeps up a backup of my pictures so they don't get lost, he has the behind the scenes, but very important job of supporting me and my love.

My photography website is: Found Here
Despite facebook tending to be ripe with picture theft I made a page that can be "liked": Facebook Presence

And if you are near the Nashville, Tennessee area and want to feed my addiction, drop me a note, we'll see what we can work out! :)

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