Friday, January 20, 2012

Easy Pizza Bites - Deliciocity Friday

I created this dish that is awesome in so many ways.
Homemade pizza bites.
Reasons why it rocks:
1) Homemade means cheaper, aka budget friendly.
2)Filling, their size makes them great for a snack but eating a few more can turn it into a full meal.
3)The dough is made from packaged biscuits, this makes it quick and easy and takes out the problem of active yeast. If you've ever eaten pizza then suffered all night from upset stomach, that was probably caused by the yeast being too active still when you ate it.
4) There is something about bite sized food that is cute and fun.
5) They can be frozen for later (extra score!!)

Packaged biscuits
Pizza Sauce
Toppings of choice

Also need a muffin pan and I'd advise cooking spray.
I started by spraying my muffin pan with cooking spray to help release the mini pizzas.
Next I opened my can of biscuits and tore them in half. I then proceeded to use my hands to flatten down the half a biscuit and shape into a round shape.

Then place in the muffin pan holes. 
You might be able to tear the biscuits into fourths and shape to fill the bottom of the holes. This may be able to still fill the space but not rise as much, therefore making them more snack-able.
Then spoon just a small amount of pizza sauce and add your toppings.

Place in the oven. I followed the directions on the biscuit can and pre-heated the oven to 375 degrees and checked them every five minutes to see how long they needed to cook. After about ten minutes they were cooked through the biscuit and ready to be removed.
I ran a butter knife around the edge of the pan and slid them right out.

Afterwards I had three left over so I slipped them in a ziplock sandwich bag and froze overnight. The next morning I took them from the freezer, placed them on a paper plate and heated for 30 second intervals. After a minute and a half they were warm and ready to eat, and showed very little loss from having been frozen.

I don't know how long they can still be good in the freezer but as delicious and easy as they are I don't see them lasting very long anyway.
Next I'm going to make up a bunch just to store in the freezer. They'll make a great little breakfast or something easy for hubby to grab and eat when he passes through on one job or another.

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