Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I dyed a little today...

And now I have weirdly blackish hands.

I bought a second-hand pair of jeans a while back that had been pre-faded to gray (at no extra charge!).
They looked alright but when wearing a black shirt the jeans just look bad.

So I dyed my jeans, then had the idea to dye the end of one of my husband's shirts.
He has a gray shirt that says "Keep out of direct sunlight". 
I dyed the end in the black dye so it looks like the sun has been fading the shirt from the top down.
I also quickly cut out a large square of white flannel and used blue gel glue to write a few things on it. Used my hair dryer to speed up the drying process. (yay for impulsiveness)
Then dipped that in the black dye before dumping it out.

Note for those who like to reuse: I used an old kitty litter bucket for the dying. Once the litter is emptied I clean it up, wash it out then it can be reused. 
I have a bucket that is being used as a covered trash can. Another bucket I removed the lid completely, cleaned and dried it, and it holds my wrapping paper rolls. Then this bucket it used for things like dying, car washes, etc.

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