Friday, January 06, 2012

Deliciocity of the Day 1-6-12

I am not a big fan of cakes, but once in a while the craving hits.

I decided to make strawberry cupcakes, with cream cheese and strawberry filling and strawberry frosting... 
I like strawberries, stop giving me that look!

I'm a semi-homemade type girl. I like taking something from the store and making it better. So I started with strawberry cake mix and made as directed. Then just before sliding them in the oven I dropped a small piece of cream cheese in the middle on top and a little bit of strawberry jam. 

Then baked as directed. Don't worry that the filling is sitting on top, it will sink as it bakes.

Once ready I allowed to cool for an hour then frosted with strawberry frosting from the store and used cupcake decorating stencils to sprinkle red sugar over some to add the extra pretty factor, on others I put a slice of strawberry.
 So delicious! I want more. And the hubby says they may not make it to church tomorrow!

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