Friday, January 27, 2012

Homemade Fried Rice, Deliciocity Friday

First off I let me take a moment to mention menu planning.
I never thought it would work for me. I'm a spur of the moment type person. Every time I read a blog about planning menus for the month I skimmed it but knew I wouldn't be doing that. I base my meals on my mood, time and the weather that day.
But at the beginning of this year I bought a little note pad that included a shopping list and places to plan a menu out by the week. 
I figured worst that happens is I just use the shopping list part.
But I've got to say, I'm actually enjoying the menu planning!
Yes I have to spend some time one night thinking of what to have but in many ways it actually frees up time, makes it easier and less brain hurt every day. 
One night near the end of the week I come up with meals for the next week, write on the shopping list what I need then in the morning I glance at the days menu and do any prep I need or see about when I'll need to start the meal to get it ready on time. 
This has also allowed me to think up things I've not tried before or in a long time.
That is actually how I came to make this dish the other day. I created it years ago but have forgotten it for about a year now.
Sometimes I have a craving for oriental type food but can't eat out all the time, so I decided to create a good replacement for fried rice. As a plus, this can be cooked all in one frying pan, just in stages.

You'll need: (feeds about 2 depending on appetite)
1 Box rice (such as rice-a-roni)
Butter called for in the rice
2 eggs
Veggies of choice, frozen works great, I like corn but peas and carrots are common
Onions are optional

If you are going to have a meat in your rice (like chicken fried rice) then you'll need to cook that first. Fry it in the pan then set aside and scrape the pan clean.

Start with scrambling your eggs, add seasonings and cook through. Then set aside and scrap pan clean.

If you are cooking fresh onions you'll also want to sauté those before starting on the rice.
Finally, prepare the rice as described on the box.
I like to either used chicken or oriental flavored rice.
About five minutes before the rice is supposed to be done, add your frozen vegetables, stir thoroughly and allow to finish cooking.
When rice is done or nearly so, dump back in all the items you previously cooked (meat, eggs, onions, though only the eggs are required, the rest is taste preference) and allow to cook for another couple minutes. Just needs long enough to bring the heat of the extra items back up to the temperature of the rice.

It's not exactly like what you get at a restaurant but it's a delicious substitute and much kinder on the wallet then ordering take out all the time!

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