Monday, January 16, 2012

Let it Snow!

Last week we actually got a bit of snow!  
Sadly, snow doesn't happen too much in middle Tennessee.
I love snow though so I love decorating each winter with snow, snowmen, snow flakes, etc.
A recent creation of mine is a framed "Let it Snow" snowman/snowball picture.
I bought a plain black frame with white border at the dollar store. I made certain to get one where the glass was a little off the back of the frame. Space is needed for the snowmen.
I also bought small Styrofoam balls at Michaels, that I used an exacto knife to slice in half.
All other items I had on hand.
I used black puff paint to dot on eyes and coal mouthes and orange puff paint for the carrot noses.
I used a piece of old music sheet (same as from the "music love" and "paper butterfly" projects) to fit behind the white border.
Once the snowballs were done drying I arranged them around the frame under the glass and once I found a design I liked I glued them to the paper and border. Using a simple sharpie marker I wrote around the border; "LET IT SNOW!"
And done! All those happy faces make me want to smile also!  

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