Monday, January 23, 2012


Today's post is later then usual for two reasons.
1) Yesterday, after a little over three years of service, my netbook decided it was done... 
A moment of saddened silence...

I know it's just a computer but it was great for me. I'm now borrowing Hubby's laptop, it is so not the same.
2) Last night some very strong storms came through. Since I didn't go to sleep before they started, I stayed awake till after they were done. At 2am...
So naturally, I slept in this morning.
Anyway, without further ado, today's post:

I don't know why but I have the hardest time keeping track of my bookmarks.
I finish a book, I lay the bookmark down where I was last reading, I return later for it and it's no where to be found.
My husband never reads so I know he isn't borrowing them. They just disappear.
I've bought bookmarks, I've been given bookmarks, I use receipts or anything that is near. But nothing sticks around. 
The best luck I've had was with my two of hearts from a deck of cards. 
("the two of hearts to mark her place, and who could ever walk away, from chapter twenty one, so she can't be really gone" name that song, hehe)

So recently I decided to make a few different bookmarks. Some for gifts, some to have all over and up my chances of finding one when I need them.

The first one was a cross stitch I did.
I cut a cross stitch fabric piece about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. I cross stitched a sitting frog, the initials F.R.O.G. for the words "Fully Rely On God". I then covered the back with a simple green fabric, that folds around to the front, and finished with a green ribbon.

The second one is a ribbon bookmark. I cut a strip of ribbon long enough to go through most books and using bookmark clasps added a thin ribbon on top and a dove charm on the bottom.

The third bookmark is paper. I cut a two and a half inch wide strip from the side of a piece of card stock paper. I folded that in half and covered the front with a piece of old sheet music. I used shaped hole punches to add the shapes on front and back. I also cut a small strip of magnet off a roll and put a piece on both insides to create a magnetized bookmark that will hold a book page.

The last one is made of fabric. I cut two pieces about 5 inches long and 2 and 1/4 inches wide. I used a fancy setting on my sewing machine to do a serger effect around the outsides. Alternatively you could sew normally and use a fray check to stop the fabric from fraying. This one has two different heart fabrics for front and back so I used a heart decorated ribbon to finish it off.  

This shows a few different options for creating bookmarks that won't cost much at all. The cross stitch one takes some time but all the others are fairly quick to make. So if you often loose your bookmarks like I do, whip up a few and stash them around the house. Maybe then you can throw out that grocery receipt instead of using it as a bookmark!

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