Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Nativity Box

Nativity scenes can be pretty but the dusting, the wobbliness, the tiny pieces to break off. Arg!

For this nativity I bought a wood/glass box at JoAnn's. I already had the stain glass paints on hand, same with the tulle. The lights came from Dollar Tree before Christmas and run off a battery pack.

I used liquid leading and stain glass paints to make Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus on the top, a star on one side and the word "Hope" on the front.

Next I used painters tape to tape off the glass (to lazy and shaky to just fine paint it!) and painted the wood dark blue.

To finish I filled with yellow tulle and a string of yellow/gold lights.
I had already sanded out a slot in the back for the battery pack to come out for easy on/off.

I know, not a lot of "how to" but I started the box before deciding to bring life back to the blog. Future stuff will have more info.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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