Monday, April 30, 2012

Sleep Eye Masks

I sometimes participate in swaps hosted on
If you miss getting something good in the mail you really should check it out. You sign up to swaps and send to people and get rated based on if you followed the swap or not. 
A recent swap I signed up for had all the participants make something that has paws on it. 
I've got multiple fabrics around with paws on them so I had a choice.
 I picked a black flannel with white paw prints and decided to make an eye mask for sleeping.
The front is the paw print flannel, the back is a very soft black cotton and inside is a layer of cotton batting. Elastic is used to hold it around the head.
While I was making the one for the swap I decided to make another matching one for my shop.
So if you'd like one for yourself go check it out.

I also made an eye mask that is blue with cats sitting on moons.

So if you want to block out the light and help aid better more restful sleep, check my shop for more coming goodies!

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