Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Picnic Basket Make-over

A little while back I bought a large picnic basket for cheap at a thrift store.

It was fine, but could be more awesome.

I bought some pretty fabric from WalMart, less then a yard was all I needed for this large basket.

I measured the bottom and sides then cut a weird multi-edged piece of fabric.
It's also possible to cut squares for all the sides and sew them together, but be sure to leave extra for seams.

I also cut a piece for the lid and hemmed it.

To attach to the basket I used hot glue.

Since I still had fabric left over I sewed a pouch for silverware. Seven inches wide by twenty one inches long and folded over and hemmed.

I also cut a cream colored wash cloth in half and sewed the green fabric to one side. This created a very absorbent napkin.

Now just need to throw in my green and white table cloth and some food and I'm ready for a picnic! 

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