Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Decorating: Glow Star Stickers

Have you seen those glow in the dark star shaped stickers?

The ones that you can stick to your ceiling and make it so that you can sleep under a starry night sky every night.

There are a few problems with those stickers.
1) If you have what's referred to as "popcorn ceiling" (little bumps all over) aka lazy way out ceiling, then the stickers won't stick.
2) If you move, say good bye to those stickers, they don't move easily.

Many years ago I can up with a solution on how to use those stickers despite the issues.

A $1.00 (maybe $2.00 depending on where you get it) solution.

I went to the dollar store and bought a black plastic table cloth.

Now these may be only in dollar stores around Halloween time. However if you go to party supply stores they will usually have them year around for a little more then dollar store costs.

Using thumb tacks I pinned the table cloth to my ceiling over my bed and stuck the stickers to it.

since I came up with this idea I have moved nine times. Some houses had popcorn ceilings, some didn't. 
The table cloth made the stars easily transportable and that one dollar table cloth has lasted 10+ years.

So if your kids have been wanting the stars over their beds but you've been unwilling or unable to accommodate them, now you can!
Or if you are an adult (like me) who just loves looking at the stars you can have them every night, minus the threat of a raccoon or skunk joining you in your sleeping bag!

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