Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shower Soap Buddy

Since I'm still fairly sick I'm going to show you a very easy project I did a while back.

Just a cheap wash cloth and a little sewing and you can solve the problem of slippery soap.

I got a package of wash clothes at the store for a just a couple dollars.

I picked a pretty pink one and decided to dress it up a bit by stitching on a piece of butterfly fabric.

I folded the cloth in half twice, like one normally would to put it away.
I sewed all but one side closed. 
The remaining side I cut velcro to cover the length and sewed it into the opening. 

Now drop a bar of soap into the pocket of the wash cloth and you have soap and cloth all in one.

This is extra great for little ones who don't have much dexterity yet.

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