Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Oh Hey

Did you realize that yesterday was Monday?
And I usually post on Monday mornings, but didn't yesterday?
Yeah, bad girl, I know.

Sunday disappeared quickly and the most I got done towards crafting was to clean some of the mess off my sewing table.

Then Monday I got up early and took off to the Grand Ole Opry House to be on set all day for the taping of the tv show "Nashville".
While they let us take pictures, I can't share them till the show airs. Nor can I tell you anything about the show. You can glean some basic info from googling it.

I will tell you that Connie Britton (from Spin City) is kind and funny. 
Charles Esten is funny and likes to goof off and have fun, which makes sense after I finally got what I had seen him in before. I've seen him most on "Whose Line Is It Anyway"
And that Hayden Panettiere (most known as the cheerleader from "Heroes") is the epitome of the term "fun sized". She is short (online says 5 ft 2) and skinny and is also cute, sweet, adorable and funny.

I am so not a celebrity worshiper, I think teachers and firefighters should be getting the fame that actors and sports players do. However, I appreciate when I see first hand, a celebrity not being "holier then thou" just because they play make believe for a living. And those three actors, from what I saw of them on set, are hard not to like.

I look forward to seeing the tv show and will be keeping an eye out for myself!
I can't really say where to look for me, I was moved all over, but I'll tell you that I was wearing a teal/blue shirt with silver dragonflies on it.
So when "Nashville" hits tv, look for me! :)

And I promise, tomorrow there will be a post on time!

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