Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easy Apron

Another round of Craft Hope has started!

This time making aprons for women in Haiti.

Most people in Haiti are fairly poor. Living off just a few dollars a week. There isn't much hope for advancement in their life.
So Craft Hope is working with a woman who has been working with the people of Haiti quite a bit. She will be collecting aprons, long or short, big or small, till the end of May. Then on her next scheduled trip to Haiti, she will take the aprons to the women so that they can have a beautiful and useful new item to brighten their days and bring them hope.
For more info, check out:

So my first apron is an easy half apron that I am sharing with you so if you want to help out others you can make a few and send them on.

All you need is:
 a fat quarter of fabric (measures about 18x22inches)
a second piece of fabric measuring about 7x13inches
sturdy ribbon at least an inch wide
sewing machine or needle

I got my fat quarter from WalMart where they usually are just under a dollar.
If you don't have fabric for the pocket on hand you could get 3-4 pocket pieces out of a second fat quarter.
Fat or flat quarters are at most stores that carry fabric. Or you could buy a half a yard of fabric and have enough for two aprons.

To start you will need to sew a hem onto all sides of the quarter of fabric.
Do this by folding each side over about 1/4th of an inch, then fold again and sew.

Next do the same for your pocket material.
Pin your pocket to your apron, making it as centered and even as possible.
Then sew down both sides and bottom.

I wanted to turn my one big pocket into two smaller ones so I found the center of the pocket and laid down a matching piece of rick rack and sewed down the whole pocket.
I used the rick rack simply for a little extra pretty. If the pocket wasn't a solid color I probably would have left off the trim.

Next is your ribbon for tying the apron.
I cut two pieces that were 21 inches long.
I sewed one end to the top corner of both sides of the apron. Sew over this a couple times since this will get the most stress to it. For the other end I double folded the end and sewed it down so it wouldn't unravel.

I also put a couple little darts in the top of my apron. They are just to make the apron look a little better with hanging on a body, they are not required.
Basically I marked the center of the top of the apron then went an inch out from that mark and folded the fabric under a half an inch and sewed it down.

Real easy!
Less then two dollars spent and just sewed a few straight lines and now I have a pretty and cheerful half apron ready to brighten the day of a woman in Haiti! 


  1. Very cute and super easy! Thanks for posting this, my daughter wants to make her own aprons for our craft hope donation this time and all my patterns are too involved for her attention span! This will work just fine!

  2. So cute! This is very much what I'd planned to do, too - love to see that they turn out so cute as well as functional!


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