Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ribbon Organization

I've seen many ways of organizing ribbon.
Some weren't for me.
Some required too much spending for my taste.

Recently while at the Dollar Tree I saw some cute square baskets that I thought might be my key.

Turns out they work great!
Since it's the dollar tree each basket was only $1.00 and besides that all I needed was a thin dowel rod (or kitchen skewers).

I ran a wooden rod through the holes on one side and ran a bunch of spools of ribbon on the rod then out a hole on the other side of the basket.

Now all my ribbon is in a couple baskets (organized by type of course!) and I can easily grab the basket I want and take it wherever I am working on my crafts.

Definitely the best option I've seen yet to clean up and organize ribbon collections.

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  1. I made this last summer after seeing it on Pinterest. It looks great! Thanks for joining the blog swap. I'm glad to have you!


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