Monday, May 21, 2012

In Stitches

I remember sewing when I was 6-7 years old.
So I feel like I've always known how to sew.
I used to only sew once in a while.
Then I worked the cutting counter of Jo-Ann's Craft and Fabric store.

It went downhill from there.
By "it" I mean my ability to not buy a bunch of fabric.

Seriously, so many beautiful fabrics passing through your hands everyday, how do you not get addicted!

Now I sew a lot.
I make my own patterns.
I make my own skirts and some dress shirts.
And if you've paid much attention to this blog you know that I've been sewing more lately to try to make things to sell because I need a little extra money here and there.

So since this round of Iron Craft called for some form of stitching I knew I would have my pick of projects!

I opted to make a fabric billfold from a pattern I created a little while back. 

The pattern is simple, all the areas that have to be sewed is what makes it take a while to complete.

I made a red and black paw print one to sell and a black and blue striped one for myself.

It has six pockets for things like credit cards, business cards, etc. and two pockets for stuff like cash, receipts or coupons.
I know it looks a bit orange but it's all red and black

I really love this billfold, it's got lots of room yet I can stick it in some pants pockets and of course the fabrics make my day also! hehe 
The outside is the same as the fabric at the bottom

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  1. Oh yeah, fabric is such an easy addiction to fall into.


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