Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photography Backdrops

Recently I wrote about using some fabric, a bunch of flowers and hot glue to create a "flower bed" for baby pictures.

Another money saving photography tip is to make your own backdrops.

Buying a backdrop will often run over $100.00 dollars a piece.
I make mine for 20-40 dollars.

Go to your local fabric store (I developed this idea when working at Jo-Ann's so I can tell you that the materials are there) and find the quilters section.
There you will find muslin.
This is usually white or cream (sometimes black) and is used for making complicated quilts.
 Buy a big piece.
Bigger is better.
Muslin comes in various widths. 
I like to get the 140 inch and buy two yards.
If you get from Jo-Ann's I'd encourage finding a coupon. They are always around and can save big money.

Then buy one of the large bottles of fabric dye.

Now dye like usual.
If you wad it up and hold with string you'll get the patterns that look nice without being distracting.

Pin to a wall or build a sturdy holder frame out of pipe and set up for pictures.

I have at least five backdrops in various sizes and colors and probably spent the same or less then buying one straight out.

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