Monday, August 06, 2012

Star Trek Communicator and TARDIS Necklace

That's right, more geekiness going on over here.

I signed up for a swap on that is all about making something based on a few different geeky tv shows.
The options were: Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Gallactica and Dr. Who.

I decided to make two things.
First, a communicator like the Star Trek characters wore on their chest. (no it does not work, only decoration!) I modeled it after the ones worn in The Next Generation.
Hand shaped out of air dry clay and then painted. The back has a pin to be able to attach to her shirt.

The second item I made is a small TARDIS. It's made out of air dry clay and painted. Part of it I actually painted with a toothpick. Strung on a long black cord it is ready to wear.

Both will be going out in the mail soon to my swap partner.

If you miss getting real mail, check out the website, for some fun, organized swaps.

Next time I'll show you the DOMO sewing kit I'm making for another swap!   

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