Monday, August 27, 2012

Hardware Store = Board Game

I know that board games aren't usually what comes to mind when talking about hardware stores but there are actually quite a few possibilities.

This round of Iron Craft we were challenged to make something using items found at a hardware store.

I had already made some plans for a board game made from hardware store materials but not gone very far with it. I had the needed items, just taking my sweet (slow) time.

The game is "Robo Rally" (sort of like battle bots meets chess). It's a real board game that can be bought online (I've not personally seen it in stores). Unfortunately I don't really have the money to buy the game so I determined that it wouldn't be hard to make my own.

I bought a flat board and got it cut into the size of the boards that come with the game. After sanding the edges I painted white then gray to be the factory floor. Next I marked out the square grid. Now the creativity, I added conveyor belts, holes, gears and walls wherever I felt. 

For the game pieces I picked a bunch of bolts, washers and nuts and matched them together in different patterns. I dipped each end into a color of paint to make them even more different. Last I added some paint to one wing of the wing nuts to signify the front of my "robots".

All that is left is to create movement cards to move the robots with and we're ready to play!

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  1. This is really great. I love the way it looks & will probably stand up better than the store bought game.


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