Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Screen Print Projects

Recently I mentioned making screen print stencils for the Iron Craft alphabet themed challenge.

I wasn't able to make a project with the alphabet stencils before needing to post the stencil project.
Now I've had a little time to work on some projects with the alphabet stencils and I'll also share with you the strain I previously made with a screen print stencil I first made.

I worked on two projects today with the alphabet stencils.
First will be a billfold. 
I have on hand black, red and aqua colored screen print paint. So I decided to use red paint to screen print the word "foxy" onto black fabric.
I lined the letters here to help them pop better on the black fabric.

Why foxy? I don't know, it's what came to mind first and I thought it might look cute on the cover flap of a billfold. (I never guaranteed that my thinking would make sense)
Taped off the other letters that I wasn't using.

I've not quite finished the billfold, it's almost there but it will be a red and black theme. It just seems kind of popping and foxy-ish!

The other project I made with the alphabet stencils is a new phone pouch for myself. 

It's to fit a droid phone. Those exposed screens can get ruined easy.
I made a pattern previously for the open faced phones so I used my pattern and sturdy blue fabric to make a pouch then using the stencils added my first and last initials to the front.
All the things you need for screen printing like this.

Last year I started by making a stencil of an old steam locomotive and put it on a shirt for my friend who runs model trains.
Yes, all the little pieces like the wheels, cow catcher, etc were rather hard to do and not ruin!

Since then I've also put a morning glory flower and a humming bird on some reusable shopping bags but I don't have pictures of those right now.

I will give you a tip:
I've seen some mention doing this and say they brush on the paint.
That does not work very well towards a nice end product.
In regular screen printing the paint is usually scraped across the area where the paint is desired.
What I do is either use a flat piece of cardboard or a piece of masking tape folded over and over and place the paint above where I want it to go then scrape it down across the stencil.
That makes for a better coverage of your area. 


  1. You can also use a credit card or an expired gift card for small areas like this as well. The benefit of using one of these methods is that you can re-use it by wiping off the paint. Nice project.

  2. Looks like it works really well. The train is pretty amazing.


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