Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Red, White and a Little Blue

In case you hadn't noticed, it's that time when red, white and blue get very common in America.

For Iron Craft we were challenged to make something with some combination of those three colors. 
 At first I came up with an idea that would use red and white gingham.
But I dug through my fabric stash and found none...
Since I'm trying to save and make money I opted to see what else I had.
 I found red fabric with random white polka-dots. 
 My first thought there was it would make a great skirt for a little girl.
No little ones in my life to make for...

Then I had the idea of a bow-tie.
Bow-ties are cool!

So I cut a long thin strip and sewed the sides together then folded it over to make a bow.
I used dark blue ribbon to tie around the center and to hold a strip of red ribbon to the back. 
Added some velcro to the ends and proceeded to harass my cat. :)

Common, that's just cute!

A red with white polka-dots bow-tie on a cat that is black with a couple white spots.

He felt it was pretty stupid but behaved and let me have my photoshoot.
He got a couple treats for his patience so it all worked out.

My first attempt at the bow ended up too small so I made another and made them to be bought. My thoughts were bows for dogs hair (if you want your own dose of cute) but they could work for a human girl also. I made them on ponytail holders.


  1. OK, that is the most awesome cat portrait!

  2. Holy Cwap.. you can even get the cat to pose - that's amazing!


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