Monday, June 04, 2012

Screen Print Alphabet Stencils

Since I was a young teen I've wished I could do screen printing.
Even after they came out with a home machine I still didn't have the large sum of money to get it.

Then I ran across screen printing with Mod Podge...

I think I first saw it on the Mod Podge Rocks blog.

Since I keep Mod Podge on hand I just needed the fabric, embroidery hoop and screen print ink.
I got the fabric from the remnants area at Jo-Ann's along with the ink. I picked up an old hoop at a thrift store (and since it worked well have picked up a few more sizes since).

I first made a steam engine train stencil and tested it out. When it went well I did the stencil again onto a t-shirt for a friend who does model railroading.

For the past few months I've been thinking I want screen print stencils of the alphabet because I used to write on shirts all the time and if I could screen print instead, it would be awesome!

Since this round of Iron Craft required something with the alphabet I figured it was the perfect time to get to making the screen print alphabet stencils I'd been thinking of.

I first checked to see if I could take the easy way out and buy a stencil like I wanted (then use it to screen print letters onto something for the challenge). 
No such luck.
Couldn't find any screen print alphabet stencils at the stores or online. 
So back to the plan of making my stencils.

I sketched out my letters, then traced them onto the fabric then Mod Podged both sides.
Now I'll use painters tape to cover the extra letters then add the paint.

I've not had the time to use the stencils yet but since I made a train stencil, a morning glory flower stencil and a humming bird stencil previously, I know these stencils should work just fine.

Keep tuned for a future post with an example of the alphabet stencils being used!

Also, come back tomorrow, Tuesday June 5th, for a break from the ordinary with a guest post about composting. It's garden time, get your info tomorrow!

See some projects made with Mod Podge screen print stencils here.


  1. I saw that post on mod podge screen printing too & have always wanted to try it.

  2. That is awesome! It's amazing what you can do with Mod Podge :) Thanks so much for sharing with us at Toot Your Horn Tuesday.

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