Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Recently on Etsy

If you want something unique and great, then handmade is the way to go.
Besides, we support millionaire corporations enough already, sometimes it's good to support "the little guy".

So recently I got a few things off Etsy and wanted to share some of the neat stuff I got.

First from Solo Flair I got an adorable bookmark, with a quote from "The Wizard of Oz". Beyond these she has many other things. Octopuses and various gauges are just a few things in her shop.

I am a total pin back button freak. I love em. And I fell in love with a few at Cute Button. I got a photography button fix but they have soooo many other options. And they have more than buttons, there is magnets, pendants, etc.

Whysper Fairy has molds in so many shapes and sizes. Good luck choosing your favorite!
I got a puzzle piece one and one for rose type flowers and they sent me an extra one for leaves. Basically with molds from their shop you can make pretty much anything you want and not have to buy a bunch pre-made.

I already tested all the molds with baking clay and they work great!
 I also made a multi-colored puzzle piece with a braided bookmark to sell for charity.

 So go shopping on some of these handmade sites. You'll get some great stuff and make someones day!
Plus, since there is a lot of unique stuff you can do your Christmas shopping now and not worry about if they have it or get it before Christmas!

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