Monday, July 16, 2012

Blue Jean Trivet

For this round of Iron Craft we were challenged to make something out of blue jeans.

I am no stranger to working with blue jeans.
I've made multiple different types of jean purses. I've made jean skirts, jean rugs and jean flowers. I've patched jeans and edited jeans.

This project I wanted to do something new.
I happen to have some jean material that is flame resistant. Really, I tested it once. Lit some frayed pieces on fire with a lighter once, it quickly fizzled out.
I decided to use these jeans to make a trivet for hot pans.

I cut eight pieces of jean fabric that measured four inches wide by eight inches long. I sewed these over into cylinders, turned them right sides out and ironed.
Then I weaved the pieces together and sewed around the outside.

I had considered finishing off the edges but found that I wasn't a fan of any of the options. So I'm leaving it as is. 

Each spot has four layers of flame resistant jean material so it should be capable of withstanding a hot pan or dish.


  1. Great idea. I wonder what the flame resistant jean material was made for?

    1. The material was cut off a pair of jeans that were donated a long time ago. I believe they came with a bunch of stuff that was intended for police and firefighters. So the jeans may have been intended to keep firefighters safe.


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