Monday, July 02, 2012

Kids Craft: American Flags

I help out at a home for mentally challenged adults.
One of the things I do is occasionally teach craft classes.
 While everyone here is an adult, because of their mental development, kids crafts are often best for their enjoyment.

With Independence day coming up and the potential to attend the town parade I thought it would be fun to help the clients here make some flags they can take with them if they want.
This is also partially inspired by the Iron Craft "red, white and blue" theme for this round.
My example for the participants to follow

One of the things I did to prepare was use a star shaped hole punch to cut out a bunch of white stars. Alternatively, you could have your participants draw stars on white paper and cut them out.

Next I took red sheets of construction paper and cut them in half. Each sheet was big enough for two flags.

I gathered the stars, red rectangles, some blue construction paper, white construction paper (or card stock), glue sticks, scissors and thin wooden skewers for the craft class.
(I snipped the pointed ends off the skewers to minimize accidental injuries.)

I had everyone cut out a small square of blue construction paper and glue it to the upper left corner of the red rectangles.
Crafting should be a bit messy!

Next they cut strips of white paper to glue on for the stripes.
To finish the flag they glued on the stars.
Even more messy and that's what makes it fun!

In order to make them wave-able they cut out a rectangle of construction paper and after putting glue on the paper they laid the skewer down the middle of it and then placed on the back of the flag.

Let them lay flat to dry.
Now take to your local parade or stick in your pencil cup or indoor plant! 

A couple of the finished flags


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