Sunday, March 13, 2005


This is just my thinking instead of a poem..
I've noticed lately that it seems I'm the only one around my age attempting to better myself.. Most of my friends that are around my age are like, I was born into this life, I'm gone die in this life why bother fighting it. Or they are trying to get ahead in life by "cheating". You know, not willing to work for what they have, play lottery to get rich, pursue a spouse that has money, etc. or they are actually sliding backwards into a worse life than they were raised. I can think of very few my age that are actually attempting to better themselves. And those couple have great respect from me, but the majority just seems to not care. It makes me feel even older, more mature, like my thinking is much farther ahead than others my age. It is just unusual for someone in their early 20s to be trying to have a better life than they were raised in or have others just gotten lazy and I just missed the memo? And I'm not putting down the lottery, I voted to bring it to Tennessee, but when you just play the lot and not mix hard work with it, ur just cheating. and I'm not putting down the life i was raised in, I just want to be even better, even if I had been born rich, then I'd b striving to get even more money, and donate even more to help others.. I want to be able to give my friend $200. for their bills they cant quite pay, and not think of it. I want to have a nice roomy home that my friends can come to and always feel welcome, I want to be a stay at home mom and have cookies ready for my kids when they get home (and I know that sounds like a mother from the 50's but i have no intention of being the "rose colored glasses" mother, but I do want to b there for my kids and raise them, not have the TV raise them).
I guess the biggest difference is I want to look at what I do, look at my life and say "you know Daddy and Grandpa Dickey would be proud of what I have become." Both are dead now, but have had a major hand in shaping my life, and making me what I am today. And I want to make them proud. Maybe its just that others don't have people like that in their lives. If that's the case then I am blessed, cuz though they are gone, sadly, they did bless my life while here and give me that advantage of wanting to please them..
I dunno, I just feel like very few of my friends actually think they can or want to have a better life, and that just seems a bit sad to me.. Ok I'm done..

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