Saturday, March 12, 2005


This was the poem that got it all started... Sept. 2000

You've watched me grow
Through the years
From changing diapers
To calls from boys
From buying me a new bike
To buying me new make-up.
From old blue jeans
To a bright new dress
You're always there
Through highs and lows
For 16 years you've
Loved me so
And for 16 years
I've been proud
To call you;

I gave my dad this poem on his 43rd birthday, writen in the card I gave him (which I now have) and his reaction to the poem made me think. "You know if I can get Daddy to react to what I write, mabey I can get others..." So I started writing more stuff again and have now been published many times. This poem has been published in the book, "The International Who's-Who of Poetry"

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