Saturday, August 27, 2005

Miss You

2001 (I know I promised this poem would stay hidden, but I'm breaking that promise.)

I stood at the edge of the cliff
And looked out over the waves
As the crashed against the rocks
I remembered how we explored those rocks
Together, hand in hand.

You would look at the gulls
As they soared over head
And wished to fly above
The troubles of your world.

How I wished I could take those troubles
And throw them into the waves
To be carried to sea.

I never could do that though
Things are different now
That you are gone.

I never go to the rocks anymore
On the day of your funeral
I threw a single rose into the waves
I hope your in heaven
Soaring like the birds

Why did you do that?
Not even seventeen,
And your life has come to an end.

I miss you
I took your necklace
And threw it into the water.
As it went under the waves
So did I
We'll be together sooner than you think...

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