Thursday, April 14, 2005

Till We Are One

Take me to a place
Where the roses bow
Gently in the wind.
Take me into your loving arms.
Hold and comfort me
Until the end.
Kiss away my tears.
Tell me everything
Of your dreams and fears.
Hold me till we are one.
Look into my eyes.
My love for you
Has just begun.

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  1. hey, im glad i stumbled onto your blog, i love writing also, i just got my blog started and will write on it everyday as soon as i get the set up finished. i really appreciate other poets, and i love what you have to say, i just read a couple and i think you have a unique style about what you write about. i like originality, it falls far and few between in today's world, but anyway i was just passin along tryin to gain a reader for my blog. i really appreciate your time.



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